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Day #2 of my Forex Journey

Real quick before I get into my next steps of my FX Journey, id like to say thank you to all the people who commented on my last post! All of the tips I got were really eye-opening and introduced me to different parts of FX trading that I didn't even know existed. So thank you so much, and I hope to get more interesting feedback from you guys in the future! Also Im going to probably change my writing frequency from daily to biweekly. I think writing about every little trade is not going to be as beneficial to me as writing about my overall progress at certain points throughout the week.
I started this trading day out by learning up on order flow. A whole bunch of you guys suggested really interesting youtubers to watch, and I started with Mr. pip's series on order flow. After I finished up watching a few of his videos, I started to tweak my trading plan so that I could get in some chart time. I changed currency pair from EUUSD to the AUD/USD, the time frame from the 4 hour to the 1 hour, and my indicators from RSI, Stochastic, 2 SMAs and ADX to ATR, RSI, and Ichimoku Kinko Hyo. I also added a little fundamental analysis in my trading plan because I think that I am being far too reliant on my indicators. I planned to check the economic calendar and determine the general trend of the currency pairs that are strongly correlated to the AUD/USD before I began my chart analysis. In addition to all of my analysis, I tried to practice using the techniques I learned in Mr. Pip's videos and analyze the order flow of the chart. Even if my analysis of order flow is wrong, as long as I am getting practice I am learning.
Eventhough I planned to use today to back-test indicators and find a solid new plan, I did not have enough time. I ended up getting on my demo account really late in the day, and started to force myself to enter a trade. Destructive habits like this could lead into some massive issues when I eventually get into live trading. To combat this harmful attitude specifically, I will restrict myself to trading on certain parts of the day (for example session overlaps, news releases, and earlier in the day). Despite this mistake I still continued with my trading strategy. I calculated all the currency correlations for AUS/USD using the past weeks economic data, and set my indicators in place. After checking the overall trend of the most strongly correlated pairs (Positive: EUUSD, GPB/USD, Negative: USD/CAD, USD/JPY) I started to analyze the order flow. All the correlated currencies, except for EUUSD, indicated that the AUD/USD would fall, while my order flow analysis indicated the opposite. Seeing as though I am extremely new to order flow, I dismissed this analysis, and ended up forcing a trade on the AUD/USD going short when my indicators seemed to line up correctly. I learned from last time that I should not alter or close my trade purely based on emotion, and to just wait till the market hits my stop loss or take profit. I included a trailing stop loss of 60 pips this time, but I have no evidence to base that number range on. The trade is currently open and I am down about 30 pips.
Although I am not labeling this trade as a loser yet, I can definitely see a lot of holes in my trading strategy. The most obvious mistake in my eyes right now is my use of indicators. Currently all my trades are purely based on what my indicators say, and since I do not have any back-tested data to support the credibility of my indicators, it feels a lot like strategic gambling. Another issue is that I feel far too reliant on indicators alone. I think that if I can find ways to include various types of analysis efficiently and evenly in my trading plan I will become a much more skillful and well-rounded trader. In order to combat these two issues I will begin forming various types of trading strategies this weekend and back-test them all extensively. I also plan on researching more on price action, order flow, and Naked Forex.
Once again any and all feedback is welcome. I am just beginning Forex, but it had been a huge passion of mine and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.
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Asset Management Competition

Let's talk about the thing I see people rarely talking about in retail Forex. How people actually make multiple millions.

How many people do you see talking about the practical nuts and bolts of how to make $10 million in Forex? None? Why not? Probably because they do not know. They know no-one who has, and they do not know the methodology to get into this position.

A lot of people get caught up talking about thousands. Thousands is not a lot. I suppose it depends what you want to do in life, but thousands it thinking small. If you let yourself get into that perspective, you will then let yourself revise down your targets to make them more and more "realistic".

Listen, and pay attention, the performance of the average people around you is only realistic to the average! Do not let them revise down your idea of realistic for you to make it match theirs. They do not know everything (even if they think they do, in which case they probably know even less).

There is a guy I know of who has 15 years track record with no losing months ...none! He manages somewhere just a bit 3/4 billion USD, personally. He makes about 5% a month, of which he is paid an undisclosed fee (but I know it must be over 30%, because 30% was on offer for far less proven traders).

Do the math! These elite traders are out there. If you choose not to believe that, okay .... you can go average. No problem. It can be easier to do this, it does not require a lot of improvement, nor self questioning. Whereas if you admit you are lagging far behind what you could be, you have to go "Holy fucking shit, I thought I was okay but I fucking suck!", then you have to get better, and that is hard. Only those of a strong nature tend to be able to face this in themselves and overcome it. Excuses are so much easier.

So how does one get into asset management?

In a word, metrics.

Something to understand in trading, there is more good money looking for traders than there is good traders looking for money. Money will find you! I do not want to disclose too much of the I.P of some of the things I know of, but trust me, they know how to find you. If you have the right numbers, people will be in touch.

Another good thing to do is to try to get some sort of in. Someone who likes you and will give you some of their time tips and the odd introduction here and there. This is the sort of thing that happens just through networking. Knowing here you want to go and trusting you will find a path there. I was fortunate. I was running a free signals group with some 10,000 + people in it. As it turned out, one of they people could allocate millions to investment and approached me offering me $500,000 to get started.

A golden metric is your average monthly gain vrs your maximum equity draw-down. If you can make your maximum loss
no more than double what your average monthly gain is over a substantial period of time, getting a few million under management is rather easy. One of the main reasons this metric is so important is traders who fit this criteria are unlikely to have a lot of losing quarters (and theoretically, a basket of traders fitting these metrics should not lose a quarter overall). Which is something in the forefront of the minds of many large investors.

Next, repeatability. Methodology. You need to be doing the same thing. When a quant team runs your strategy, it has to make logical sense. They have to be able to see what you are doing and why it works. Assess the risks of that and how much it can be scaled up (ie, maximum funds it can support).

Finally, gains. Of course you have to be making some profit. This is definitely secondary to the draw-down rule, though. Making gains with large draw-downs is suitable for small money, not for large.

You have to understand draw-down includes running profits. So if a trade goes up 2% and then comes back to close at a 1% loss, you just lost 3%. This seems harsh, and it is kinda, but it is the way this is assessed. Losing profits is losing. You have to be very proficient in capping losses.

These things are not easy. There are various technical and psychological challenges to overcome to be able to do this. That is why it pays so much. It is hard. It is unobtainable for the average person. Many people do not even think in the right format to go about making a half decent effort at this.

These golden ideals need to be built into the strategy used. What you do needs to be intentionally shaped to be suitable for this.

If any of you are able to meet such standards, I can most likely provide you with an in for this sort of money management. Hook you up with people that can give you $100,000 to test the waters and scale up dramatically after that. You will need 6 - 9 months of good trading behind you to be considered for this. With 6-9 months good trading, you can be watch listed by people who it is worth having watching you.

So ... let's see who has what it takes. If anyone thinks they can work towards being able to meet these metrics, link up a new account, set up Myfxbook tracking and see if you can produce the numbers. If you are making a good effort but not quite getting it, I can help you with some tips to further improve that.

To help with this, I will provide you an example and benchmark strategy I trade. As always, I will make my account data entirely public, so you can see all the trades.

I will be using an extremely selective strategy that will be based upon this strategy here

I will add a few extra filters to my entry, to lower my draw-down and increase my win rate. I will use fractionally low risk, and look for large RR trades, with good stop trailing to prevent equity draw-down.

This is literally one trade. A single trade that anyone can learn. You can make a million mastering a single trade. Indeed, many people who have made millions in trading done so by doing just that. Not many people in the retail market seem to know that. Few people really know the logistics of how people make a lot of money.

You can make a million in a few years doing this. Absolutely inside of five years. All it takes is a concerted effort directed towards the right ideals.

Do not let others tell you this can not be done, people are doing it and people are saying it can not be done. Think carefully about what camp you want to be in. It is your choice.
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Newb advice

So I have been struggling with learning this forex game but I am loving it a lot more than equities.
After getting good solid advice about trading supply and demand I'm getting good results. I haven't even reset P/L on my demo account this week.
One thing that you should definitely try if you are new is to modify your SL strategy especially if you are on a run.
What I am doing is setting up trades and as they develop modifying the TP and putting a trailing stop on the trades. It has really helped so far.
Active trades right now
Short on NZD/USD @ .75668, Long on USD/CHF @ .96115 both with 5 pip trailing stops
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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 101: "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

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1/8 Oil flat

QM (CL) futures bounced yesterday and are flat today. It is apparently due to the US inventory decreasing. Phil pointed this out in his dec newsletter; he showed how 300000 contracts on nymex had dissapeared. This is where the smart money cashes out and the bag holders come in (unless there is fundamental change).
I closed out my RIG puts for 30% gain while my TZA calls netted me 0%.
Definitely going to be a short term bull until oil picks a trend (which, as i said before, is the only major market catalyst at the moment).
I have been polishing rules to help me stay profitable:
  1. stop FOREX @ 7:30. This is because I am consistently losing my trades after this time, around 70-90% loss rate. Instead of changing my strategy mid day it is probably more profitable to just trade half the day.
  2. No overnight weekly options. Not only do they lose huge value overnight from time decay, but this is also pure gambling since short term volatility is unknown. Too many ways to lose.
  3. Ask risk manager. I have gone through one blowout, so now I use trailing stops and ask my friend if I am thinking of opening a large position.
  4. Patience, wait. Bored? Do something else. Boredom/tired mistakes cost a lot.
If I slip up I will end up paying for it, these rules have redundancies and fail safes to catch me when I inevitably do.
I now know why some guys at prop shops came in for 30min-1hour then left. They were perfect for that amount of time and any more would let in mistakes.
I should look into making an algo of myself.
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Trailing Stop Loss Orders Explained // How to use trailing ... Take Profit and Stop Loss (including Trailing Stop Loss ... sinhala Forex guide Trialing stop What Is A Trailing Stop Loss & How To Use It!  Day ... What are Trailing Stops and How to Trade with Them - YouTube 5 Trailing Stop Loss Techniques (Risk Management for ... Forex: What are buy stop, sell stop, buy limit and sell ... What is a limit order  Definition of Pending Order in Urdu and Hindi by Tani Forex Top Trailing Stop Techniques For Maximum Profits - YouTube how to use trailing stop forex

Trailing-Stops Definition. Was bedeutet Trailing-Stop-Order? Die Trailing-Stop-Order ist eine besondere Art der Stop-Order, die, zum Zwecke der Gewinnsicherung automatisch nachzieht, wenn der Marktpreis steigt. Sollte der Marktpreis sinken, bleibt der Stop-Preis unverändert und schließt die Position, wenn der Markt sich zu Ihren Ungunsten entwickelt. Im Falle der Trailing-Stop-Order wird ... Le Forex trailing stop mt4 peut être particulièrement utile en scalping, surtout si vous souhaitez profiter de mouvements à très court terme dans les pics de volatilité. Par exemple lors des annonces économiques. Lors des annonces économiques majeures, il n'est pas rare d'assister à de brusques pics de volatilité qui font décaler les prix de plusieurs dizaines ou centaines de pips en ... 3 min read. The trailing stop loss may be practiced with stock, options, and futures exchanges that support regular stop-loss orders. It is a variety of stop-loss order.A trailing stop-loss order is executed when the price of the trading asset drops by the trailing value which can be expressed in percentage or currency amount. Was sind ei gentlich Trailing Stops?. Bevor wir dieser Frage nachgehen, lernen Sie unsere kostenlosen Leitfäden zum Forex und zu den Eigenschafter erfolgreicher Trader kennen. Ein Trailing Stop (auch: Trailing Stop Loss) ist eine bewegliche Stop Order, die sich verschiebt, wenn sich der Kurs in eine für den Trader vorteilhafte Richtung entwickelt. So wird weiter das Risiko vermindert, das entsteht, wenn ein Händler mit einem Trade falsch gelegen hat. Mehr dazu erfahren Sie in unserem ausführlichen Artikel zum Trailing Stop. So setzen Sie den Stop Loss im ... A trailing stop is a special type of trade order that moves relative to price fluctuations.. When the price goes up, it drags the trailing stop along with it, but when the price stops going up, the stop loss price remains at the level it was dragged to.. A trailing stop allows a trade to continue to gain in value when the market price moves in a favorable direction but automatically closes the ... This is Forex Basics Tutorial. in This Tutorial Tani Forex Explain What is Trailing Stop In Forex Definition and Benefits. Trailing Stop 2nd name of Stop loss. Trailing Stop active When your trade is in Profit. if you make 50 points ( 5 Pip ) Trailing stop your trailing stop active when your market go to 5 pips profit. if market go 100 pips ... Der Trailing Stop Loss ist ein wirklich hilfreiches Instrument, um Gewinne abzusichern. Leider bietet nicht jede Software diese Funktion. Im oberen Bild sehen Sie die Handelsmaske von XTB – einem Online Broker mit über 3.000 verschiedenen Märkten. Ich kann Ihnen diesen Broker empfehlen, denn er bietet eine große Auswahl, günstige Handelsgebühren und eine fortschrittliche Handelsplattform. Die Trailing-Stop Verkaufsorder ist eine abgewandelte Stop-Order. Hierbei wird der Stop-Preis in einem festgelegten Folgeabstand (Trailing-Wert) an den Kurs gekoppelt. Wenn dieser Wert steigt und somit der Abstand größer als der Trailing-Wert ist, wird der Stop-Preis nach oben angepasst. Die Definition Ihres Stop Kurses hängt in erster Linie von Ihrer Strategie, dem Anlageziel sowie dem Risiko Management bzw. den Positionsgrößen ab. Handeln Sie mit sehr kleinen Positionsgrößen, machen auch etwas höhere Verluste in einer einzigen Position weniger aus bzw. sie richten weniger Schaden an. Hier kann der Trailing Stop als ruhig etwas weiter entfernt liegen.

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Trailing Stop Loss Orders Explained // How to use trailing ...

Five techniques you can use to trail your stop-loss rides. SUBSCRIBE: If you want more actionable trading tips and strategies, go to h... A favourite among traders that want to maximise their profits by following trends. Learn how to secure profits without limiting them with virtual money for f... What is buy stop , sell stop, buy limit and sell limit. Trailing stop definition is also one more part of this tutorial. all information in Hindi and Urdu by Tani Forex. For more information must ... This tutorial explains Stop Loss and Take Profit orders, both of which automatically close a trade when reaching a certain price point. We will also explain ... Trailing stop losses are used by traders looking to maximize the trend move of a market. Learn how to lock in profits as price goes in your favor using trail... In todays video i talk about how to use a trailing stop loss and what it is. Thank you so much for the support, I'd like to welcome anyone with any questions... Trailing Stop Loss Orders Explained -- How to use trailing stops // Want more help from David Moadel? Contact me at davidmoadel @ gmail . com Subscribe to my... forex trailing stop definition forex trailing stop dynamic trailing stop dalam forex forex how does trailing stop work trailing stop di forex forex trailing stop example free forex trailing stop ... A short video explaining the concepts of buy stop, sell stop, buy limit and sell limit. This video is specifically made for Solutions' students under the bas... forex trailing stop definition best forex trailing stop. Category People & Blogs; Created using YouTube Video Editor; Source videos View attributions; Show more Show less. Loading... Autoplay When ...